Charms & Hoops

You know we love versatility when it comes to jewellery. A pair of earrings that can be worn in multiple ways and charms that can be added onto your necklace as a pendant. 


I had a look through over our IG and our past photo folders of our Charms & Hoops. Here are some of our memorable pieces! ✨


Started in 2017...  


Definitely started off from a minimalist approach and then we started introducing more gemstones into the collection.



This was a pretty large Rose Quartz


This was the green heart Aventurine charms that a lot of people wanted but I could not restock because I bought the last strand of gem from the seller! If you have a pair, please take good care of them for me 😅


Not to forget these cute resin charms from Japan!


Around May 2020, we launch some Fruity & Floral Charms 🍇🌼

It was my first time trying to weave the beads. I've always seen my grandma making one of these (and into bags.. keychains.. Mine is definitely a minuscule version of what the pros are doing haha.)


This collection of charms was definitely one of those I had fun with. 


Moving forward, I don't want to stop experimenting different styles and different materials. Thank you for sticking around and supporting 3125!

View Charms & Hoops collection here.

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