☁️ DREAMER Bracelet ☁️

DREAMER Bracelet: to reignite and rekindle some of our dreams and ambitions we have tucked away. 


Dreamer Cloud Bracelet

Left: Labradorite cloud and shell. Right: Labradorite Cloud with Jadeite.


Same toggle and clasp closure for easy wearing and you can combine a few bracelets to form a choker/ necklace! ✨



Jadeite with a cloud Moonstone combination. 


Each cloud gemstone is individually handcut by skilled craftsmen in India. All of the moonstones and labradorites have a different kind of iridescence, if possible, please visit our studio to handpick the gemstone of your choice! 

Got to have Lace Agate in the collection! It's calming lavender and blue colours really soothes the soul while looking at it. 


See all the five colour ways of the DREAMER bracelet here.

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