Gratitude Journal: Wu Tong

Looking back at the journey of 3125, there are some people to whom we owe a lot to. These are people who have stood by our vision, offered their invaluable support and also contributed to shaping the brand into what you see today.

Wu Tong is a dear classmate of ours from LASALLE College of the Arts and a fellow Hope Church group member. Often mistaken for sisters, Wu Tong and I share various similarities in terms of creative vision as well as a spirit of excellence. I approached her for a collaboration and she helped out as our creative director and photographer for the Peristalsis collection. 

 1. What is 3125 to you?

A source of self-expression for Caroline, but also for anyone else who takes interest in the 3125 brand values. 

2. What was the most challenging period in your life?

I would This period of transition from an undergraduate to a working adult. Even though I've already secured a job, this idea of not quite belonging in the student or adult ministry is unsettling. It also made me question what is it I truly want to do in the future. 

3. Where do you draw strength from?

During their lowest moments, people turn to temporary solutions like retail therapy to distract themselves. It's not a bad thing, but ultimately it does not solve the root of the issue. For me, God lifts my burdens,  gives me hope and a purpose that there is something greater to look forward to even beyond this life we have.


 Of course, the work remains unfinished and we hope to meet more like-minded people in our creative pursuit!

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