New: Mask Chains

Accessorising in the new normal.

The way we approach this collection is to consider the sustainability or longevity of the product. Not forgetting one of our core design ethos ‑ versatility. 

“After this episode of ‘frequent mask wearing’, can I still wear this piece of jewellery out?

How can we repurpose this?” 🤔

In this collection of multi‑way mask chains, where function and aesthetic collide, you can wear these mask chains as necklace and even detach the ends, to wear them as hoop earrings.

Stay safe & stay cool! 😷


1. Multiway Mask Chain - Curb



2. Multiway Mask Chain: Agnes

The ends are detachable and can be worn as hoop earrings, if you like.


3. Multiway Chain: Carribean

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