Throwback Part 2: Our First Collection?

Fresh out of the pop-up in school, I was curious to see how the brand would perform in an actual pop-up. I wanted receive real feedbacks from people on the products, the entire customer experience with the brand and to see if it was actually possible to run this brand as a full-time business in future. 

Now, without a project brief, I was free to do whatever I want. But, what do I sell? 🤔 

I started by going around Haji Lane and Arab Street to source for materials I could work with. Some of you may have came across 3125 through our blog post, where we introduced some of the shops to buy jewellery findings from. Hello! 😃 

Shops after shops after shops, and through recommendations of the different uncles and aunties who were in this trade for a long time, I found natural gemstones captivating and loved that every piece is a unique one.

This particular gemstone caught my eye and back then, there wasn't a lot of people using it in jewellery — electroplated quartz.

I brought them to our first public pop-up, Market of Artists and Designers, and back then it was held on every first Friday of the month at Red Dot Design Museum (previously at Maxwell Road). I would bring the goods and display to school and head over after class to setup a booth. 

It was exciting for me every month because it's like fashion business school, but real life version, amplified and mistakes were bound to be made. 

I really couldn't have done this without the help of my family and friends — who came over to support and sometimes bring me dinner too! 😭

I still remember the first market I did, I had no idea on how to display jewellery or how to package them nicely to make them more 'appealing'.

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 Our first packaging was actually a plastic screw-cap container. It does its job, in keeping the jewellery in an airtight container and fits just nice.

I was a little wacky. I did a door handle necklace (from IKEA) and some of my friends still remembered it 😅

It's all experimentation and playing with different materials. Even more so now when sustainability in fashion production should be considered. 

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