Transparency Thursday Series: 1

Embark on a new series on blog with us! Titled "Transparency Thursday", inspired by Everlane which is a fashion brand that is after sustainability and transparency. Likewise, we want to share more and to be asked more, on what actually goes behind our products.
Do not be shocked if there are some hard truths in this series. I really do want to be as explicit as possible because I value honesty, just like that. Alright, so to begin:

"Are your products handmade?"

Yes our products are 100% handmade. To be very honest with you, not all. (Did that shock you? Hahaha I hope not.) Speaking in percentages, I would say 60% of our products are designed and assembled here in sunny island Singapore. 20% would be pieces that are designed by myself, as well as valuable inputs by our silversmiths in Bangkok, they are the ones who produced the items. Finally, the remaining 20% goes to products that I personally love and have sourced them from ahem, #madeinChina. 
All in all, I hope you see that this business is not just a one man show. Materials are sourced mainly from Asia and we try to work more with small businesses here. It is actually very nice to be able to talk with local suppliers here and start new business relationships. The whole business here really involves ideation, sourcing, prototyping, editing, troubleshooting (putting my products out in the market and see how it is being received) and photoshoot and edit and edit and edit and edi.... You kinda know the grill.
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