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3125 x WILL & WELL

Chunky Oval Chain: Bracelet [Silver]

Item Details
Base Material Stainless Steel
Length ~ 17cm
Closure Magnetic Closure


Style Guide

Feel free to add on Charms of your choice to make it yours.

Can be paired with other chains from this collection

Also available in Gold.

Care Instructions

After wearing, wipe jewellery clean with a dry tissue or cloth to prevent any residue from lingering on it. This helps to prolong its shine and yours to keep for a long time.


    While there are no side effects on the body with regards to magnetic properties, please do not wear this jewellery if you are wearing a pacemaker in your body.

    Jewellery Care / Packaging / Delivery


    This item is handmade with good intentions. As natural materials are used, do expect some slight irregularities, making the piece you own one of a kind.

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    Chunky Oval Chain: Bracelet [Silver]


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I care for my jewellery?

      Most of our pieces are made with sterling silver and stainless steel. Under humid conditions, even precious metals like sterling silver will oxidise overtime. These can be easily solved by polishing the oxidised layer away with the polishing cloth provided.

      For stainless steel products, just wipe the jewellery clean — removing any dirt and debris — before you store them in your jewellery container.

      For more useful information, you can read our detailed blog post on the materials we used for your jewellery here.

      Caring goes a long way.

    • How do I measure my ring size?

      We recommend that you measure the circumference (i.e around your finger) rather than diameter for more accurate measurements. You can also find a ring size guide along with instructions how to measure your ring size under every ring listing.

      Alternatively, we recommend using our adjustable ring sizer. (It's free of charge!)

    • How long will my order take?

      We ship ready stock items within 1-3 business days. For made to order items such as custom signet rings, it takes 4-5 weeks at least.


      Singapore: 1-3 business days

      SEA: 5-7 business days

      Rest of the World: 7-14 business days

      Excluding possible delays due to reduced flights and customs.