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Diamond Opal Studs
Diamond Opal Studs
Diamond Opal Studs
Diamond Opal Studs
Diamond Opal Studs


Diamond Opal Studs

通常価格 $49.00
単価  あたり 
税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

  • Made in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold plated
  • Stone: Australian opal and white cubic zirconia. 
  • Birthstone for October. For the stone properties of Opal, click here.  
  • Drop length: 12mm down, 8mm across.


Tried and tested:

After prolonged daily wear, the gold plating will fade off to lighter gold (and I believe it will eventually reveal the silver layer.) To store it properly, I wiped the jewellery with a clean and dry jewellery cloth before storing it in an air-tight container. 


Care Instructions:

  • If you are not wearing your jewellery, store them in an airtight container or zip lock bag.
  • Sterling silver is naturally a soft material to begin with. If you are handling heavy equipments or labour work, we recommend that you remove the jewellery before work. Unless! You are aiming for the 'aged' sterling silver look which can be trendy too. ✨
  • Our pieces are suitable to be worn in shower or come in contact with water. Try not to spray perfume directly on jewellery as it might speed up the oxidation.
  • If you notice that your sterling silver pieces start to turn 'brown' (oxidised layer), gently wipe over the area with a silver polishing cloth.