Daisy Studs: Black Onyx


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clean & Care

    Clean with soap and water to get rid of dead skin, hair or debris.

    Dry before storing it in a ziplock bag or airtight container.

    Sterling Silver / 925 Silver

    Sterling Silver jewellery will require polishing from time to time due to oxidation in humid conditions. Please use the polishing cloth provided with every purchase of sterling silver jewellery.

    If you have a few sterling silver accessories, you may consider the Silver Polishing Liquid for deep cleaning and polishing.

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About Materials

A precious metal with composition of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy, this material is suitable for daily wear and in shower.


A hardy and durable metal that can stand a test of time. Sweat proof and safe to wear in shower. Less prone to scratches.