Informed by the past, inspired by the future, live in the present.


To design thoughtful products that invites you on a journey of self-discovery and embrace your individuality through creativity.


Taking into consideration the longevity of a good product, quality materials must be used so that it is sustainable and can be worn over and over again. Learn More →

Designed in our studio in Singapore, crafted by hand in Thailand. Since 2020, we have started incorporating recycled silver in our production.

Each collection takes at least two months to design, prototype, test IRL — before we introduce them to the world.


Since young, designer Caroline Justine has always been a hands-on learner and exploring different fields of interests in arts, crafts and science. Upon graduation from LASALLE College of the Arts, THREEONETWOFIVE went from a school project to a full-fledged design studio specialising in jewellery1 and product design2.

We take an organic approach to design — sometimes inspirations come through interacting with the materials firsthand, random shapes and odd combinations of everyday objects and most importantly, you.

On this journey of self-discovery, with our pasts etched in our memories and bodies, the future holds much more than we know so live for today and see what tomorrow will bring.