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Silver Cleanser Instant Dip
Silver Cleanser Instant Dip
Silver Cleanser Instant Dip
Silver Cleanser Instant Dip


Silver Cleanser Instant Dip

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  • Instant jewellery cleanser for sterling silver products.
  • Made by WKM, manufactured in Thailand.
  • Volume: 70ml (lasts up to 6months or more, depending on frequency of use)

How to Use:

  • Dip a few pieces of sterling silver jewellery at a time. Too many pieces will not be able to clean effectively.
  • Leave in solution for no more than 30 seconds.
  • Lift the sieve up and rinse solution off with water.
  • Dry with microfiber or soft cloth. 
  • Store clean jewellery in an air tight containment.
  • Twist to seal the cap of the solution. 


For Shopee Singapore users, you can purchase via this link too: click here.



Personally I find this effective on sterling silver items but you should never dip jewellery with freshwater pearl, mother of pearl or 'soft gems' like opals into this solution as advised by the manufacturer. The solution is too harsh and removes the nacre / outer layer of the gems aforementioned.

In more serious cases where your sterling silver jewellery has blackened, I left it in the solution a bit longer. What I also try to do is "dip and lift" if you are afraid that the solution may be too strong for your jewellery. 

I realised that all sterling silver is not the same, it differs in composition from supplier to supplier so it's best that you test it out with the "dip and lift" method first. 

Hope this product helps you as much as it did for me in preserving the jewellery. This way, we can prevent wastage and cherish what we already have!