1. Natural Stones

We use natural stones for our jewellery because we appreciate the beauty in its raw form and to represent how we are all unique. However, please handle your jewellery with care as they might break when dropped, pulled or knocked on, you name it. 


2. Sterling Silver

Always wipe your jewellery dry after wearing them and store them in dry environments. This is to slow down its oxidation. For pieces made with 925 silver — also known as "sterling silver" — you may use a silver polishing cloth or silver cleanser to give it a new shine. For pieces made with brass and gold plated, gold plating services are available at a low fee. Mail in to enquire and we will gladly help. 


3. Chains

Our necklaces are made either with stainless steel or sterling silver chains. Stainless steel is a fuss-free material and requires little maintenance. Just remember to wipe clean the jewellery after wearing and store in a zip lock or airtight containers. As for sterling silver chains, the same care technique applies as mentioned above.


4. Pearls

We mostly use freshwater pearls as like the lucent effect it gives and it's a classic piece for every woman. Pearls are natural mass produced by pearl oysters and hence, a very delicate and sensitive piece of gem. 

It is strongly advised to put on any jewellery with pearl only after you've sprayed on your perfume. If you need to clean it, simply use warm water with mild soap (no detergent please!) and gently wipe with a soft towel. With meticulous care, you can maintain its lustre for many years to come.