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For more information, you can read up on our detailed blog post on the materials we used for your jewellery here. TL;DR, yes overtime if without proper care, they will as these are not pieces made with solid pure metals. That will be way more costly!

We recommend that you measure the circumference (i.e around your finger) rather than diameter for more accurate measurements. You can also find a ring size guide along with instructions how to measure your ring size under every ring listing.

Glad you asked! For sterling silver pieces, wipe gently with our silver polishing cloth (complimentary with every purchase of sterling silver goods) or dip in silver polishing liquid if you have acquired more silver jewellery over time, this is far more effective than having to wipe every piece individually. 

For stainless steel pieces, you can wipe it with a dry cloth after wearing to prevent any residue buildup after wearing.

While we source for unique gemstones and materials globally, we handmade most of the jewellery pieces you see here in our (home) studio in Singapore. Sterling silver pieces will have to be manufactured in Thailand.

We are constantly asking ourselves that question too. Sustainability may seem like the "in" thing in fashion right now but it is a practice that we should all work towards to. Sustainability looks different in every brand and we try our best to work towards being a people and environment centric brand while running a business. We have listed out some small ways, in which we try, to be more eco-friendly in our operations.

For items not bought from us, we are open to repair works such as restoration of old jewellery, removing the gemstone to setting of gemstone etc — please contact us and we will assess the situation!  

You can take a look at some of the repair works we did here.




Got questions not answered here? Feel free to email us.