Gather Stores

Nestled between art supplies stores and printing shops, lies Gather Stores — a multi-brand store of local brands. Gather was started when the founder, Mavis, realised that there were little opportunities for local brands and creatives to showcase their products. 
"We realise local brands that are new to the market lack the opportunities and physical space to share about their products. Hence, by creating this platform, we hope for designs that have been undervalued and unnoticed to be able to unfold.
Gather Stores; as literal as it's name — to gather local brands into this space to grow and shine."
When I first spoke to Mavis, she had many plans for the shop space to be utilised, to house many more local brands and events in the future. Gradually, we see many local brands coming onboard with her vision, ranging from apparels to accessories, and now we are seeing more lifestyle goods such as candles, scent diffusers and even teas. 
The atmosphere in Gather Stores is calm and unhurried, every person that walks through the door is given their personal space to immerse themselves in every brand's area and to be fully present. You can visit Gather Stores at the address below:
Gather Stores 
420 North Bridge Road,
North Bridge Centre, #01-28,
Singapore 188727
(Opposite NLB)
Mon – Fri : 1130am – 7pm
Sat – Sun : 12pm – 6pm
PH: 12pm - 6pm
Instagram: @gatherstores
Facebook: Gatherstores

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