Keep Trying

This is an unfinished work. It is quite unlikely for any creatives to post their unfinished work (different from works-in-progress). I never actually got down to finishing it despite having more time now. 
During the circuit breaker period, I was looking through the photos — some were documentations of my design process, techniques I have tried and projects that just did not happen.
Reflection does helps, when you pay attention to it and understanding why you did what you did. 
Remember these beaded bags? They used to be trendy and now it's a fashionable item.
I started experimenting with this beaded? woven? technique when 3125 was developing the Fruits collection. It was a really fun and fresh project, compared to the usual white-silver-pearlescent mood we always go for. I revisited this DIY book that my relative handed to me many years ago. (I did not even use this when I was studying fashion 😂😭)
While developing the Fruits collection, I wanted to marry vintage-inspired aesthetics coupled with gemstones to somewhat emulate the beaded works we used to see our grandmothers and aunts do.
What we did for Fruits collection, I feel, pale in comparison to these intricate beaded artworks. We had to downscale it so that it's more friendly on the ears hahaha. 
Left: Baby Berries, Right: Golden Berry & Goji
Left: Barberry, Right: Sunshine & Goji
This experience led me to develop the next set of designs which you see in Charms & Hoops
And more variations ...
What if I add a leaf?
What if it's all glass?  
What already exists in nature?
And finally, going back to the origin. What if I can actually finish making a bag?
I used up all leftover the sandalwood beads from a project that did not happen. Made this for myself and felt good. It was the first finished project I did for myself.
Then I continued experimenting with other materials such as blown glass (as shown above) and made them into a "vase". This one gave me quite a few instances of anxiety as I dropped a few of the beads accidentally, the rest is history.
I am sharing this to just put it out there that it is okay if there were certain things left undone. Whatever I have put out on the website or social media, is only a fraction of the projects that "made it". Perhaps before, I didn't had enough confidence or perseverance, time and energy, creativity (or some of us like to put it as "feels" 😂) to see through the end of that beaded bag project. But it was always at the back of my mind and when the opportunity came, it gave me a chance to start again. I hope that in our future creative, or not, processes, we will not deny the failures but to see them as starting points for future projects that we can embark on. 
Maybe it's time to pay a visit to your unfinished projects or dreams you had. Keep going

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