Bespoke: Making of Diablo's Stone of Jordan Ring

Possibly one of the coolest bespoke project we've undertaken: Diablo's Stone of Jordan Ring.


"C" came to us to create a special gift for her husband who's an avid gamer and fan of Diablo. We studied multiple low res images online and tweaked a bit of the design so that her husband could wear it comfortably

Well, from the image, it looks like it could be made in brass and decorated with diamonds on the sides. But for practical reasons, we casted the ring entirely in sterling silver and set it with a beautiful Sodalite as the centre gemstone.


Here's the final result and look at the 3D printed Horadic cube, used as a ring box.

If you are interested to design your own bespoke jewellery or have any jewellery you would like to repurpose, do hit us up at for collaboration. Thank you!

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