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Update on Sterling Silver prices

Silver and gold prices have been increasing steadily since 2019 and we have been bearing the surge despite the increased costs. However, as a small business this would not be feasible and sustainable for us in the long run.

THREEONETWOFIVE has been registered under the 'List of Regulated Dealers' under Ministry of Law, Singapore. You can read more on The Precious Stones and Precious Metals Act 2019 here and find the list of regulated dealers in Singapore here.

With effect from 3rd September 2020, you would have noticed an increase in our selling prices for some of the restocked sterling silver items. This may not be applicable to designs that we are retiring but it will affect our staple pieces such as Signet Rings, Hoop Earrings, chains and subsequent new designs we may launch in sterling silver (also known as 925 silver).

We hope to seek your understanding as we strive to bring you quality and versatile jewellery at an affordable price point. And we want to thank you for your continuous support and the compliments you have given us — like how you managed to find jewellery that don't cause your ears to itch! 🖐 *same same!*— & we will continue to share the good stuffs with as many as possible.


Here are the updated products as of today:

Other products not mentioned above will not be changed.


From 14th September onwards,