We're bidding farewell to some of the older designs we have held on to for years. They have accompanied us through the days and nights of material exploration, creative collaborations and even a showcase in Japan! How I miss those market days... 🥲

As for some of the sterling silver pieces you see under the 3 FOR 2 SALE, we will be discontinuing the designs and also because... a price restructuring is on the way. 

We lost one of our long term production partners as they could no longer continue the business due to the pandemic. We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with them, as one of the very first few partners who believed in our designs and could work together despite our language barriers!

Moving forward, this led us to look for other production houses that could produce our designs for a long term. On top of the rising costs of precious metals such as sterling silver and gold (yes, gold plating included.), there are other costs which we have to factor in as a small jewellery business, such as prototyping and mold costs.

If you fancy any of our past designs, here's the chance to grab them before they are gone. It's unlikely we will be able to produce exactly the same kind, but if possible, we would love to improve and work on them. Thank you for taking your time to read through this blog post (even though it was supposed to be an announcement about the sale... but I got a little sentimental...) and stay safe and healthy wherever you are. ☺️

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